BPD Photography

Hoop Dreams on Flickr.

Hoop Dreams on Flickr.

Risk on Flickr.

Risk on Flickr.

Classic poses on Flickr.

Classic poses on Flickr.

Revok on Flickr.Revok

Revok on Flickr.


Left to rot on Flickr.Abandoned Ohio River ghost ship

Left to rot on Flickr.

Abandoned Ohio River ghost ship

Mar 7
Line frozen in time on Flickr.Assembly Line of Decay

Line frozen in time on Flickr.

Assembly Line of Decay

Mar 6
untitled on Flickr.Simple Machine

untitled on Flickr.

Simple Machine

Mar 5
Antique sewing machine on Flickr.Forgotten Sewing Machine

Antique sewing machine on Flickr.

Forgotten Sewing Machine

Mar 4
True Value on Flickr.Old Toledo Scale

True Value on Flickr.

Old Toledo Scale

People on Flickr.People Graffiti

People on Flickr.

People Graffiti

Industrial Strength on Flickr.Hooked on Urbex

Industrial Strength on Flickr.

Hooked on Urbex

Hek on Flickr.Hek Graffiti

Hek on Flickr.

Hek Graffiti

Peeling Hinge on Flickr.Pretty Peel

Peeling Hinge on Flickr.

Pretty Peel

Cleveland Classic on Flickr.Tribe Time!

Cleveland Classic on Flickr.

Tribe Time!

Ridl on Flickr.Ridl | Eye for an Eye!!

Ridl on Flickr.

Ridl | Eye for an Eye!!